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Le Dîner en Blanc – Halifax 2018 - Looking for New Team Candidates to Hosts


In recent years, under the guidance of Dîner en Blanc International, our event has truly become a global phenomenon, bringing people together from different cultures, and backgrounds. More than 80 cities around the world host their own annual Dîner en Blanc, including Paris, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Hong Kong and London. Le Dîner en Blanc is celebrated in over 15 cities across Canada, including Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax.

Dîner en Blanc International is currently looking for a group of 3 organizers to take on Le Dîner en Blanc – Halifax.

Le Dîner en Blanc – Halifax has already charmed its guests with 3 successful events since its premiere in 2014.
halifax.dinerenblanc.com/Gallery page which showcases some of official photos and videos from these incredible nights.

Le Dîner en Blanc isn't just a simple picnic. It's a community experience founded on friendship, elegance, heritage, and respect—with just the right amount of secrecy! Our focus is not on commercialization, politics, or charitable associations. Rather, our guests come together to experience their city in new ways. And for one night, old and new friends enhance local public spaces by participating in the unexpected...

Le Dîner en Blanc International is now looking for a new team of hosts to carry out the Halifax event in 2018 and onwards. If you are interested, please fill out the Le Dîner en Blanc - Application form.

If you have any questions regarding Le Dîner en Blanc, we kindly ask that you refer to our FAQ section on the Dîner en Blanc International webpage. And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at application@dinerenblanc.com.

Notes to interested parties:

  • We are looking for a team of 3 people who have the experience in managing large-scale events and who have dealt with alcohol and venue permits.

  • All communications with Dîner en Blanc International will be conducted in French or English.

  • Dîner en Blanc International does not produce these events. We offer free support service and training to organizers wishing to host their own Dîner en Blanc. Organizers must, therefore, have the drive, experience, and structure to produce the event, and they must comply with our standards and values…

  • It is important to understand that we do not hire organizers. Events are headed by passionate, local people who love their city and the Dîner en Blanc concept. Each event is financially independent of Dîner en Blanc International Inc.

  • Le Dîner en Blanc cannot be associated with any charitable or political causes.

We will prioritize applications submitted before December 7th 2017.

Thank you for your interest. We hope that you become part of the growing Dîner en Blanc experience!

Best regards,

Dîner en Blanc International Team

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